The Unity Bubble Program consists of 8 energetic transmissions each one systematically going deeper to design your perfect life.

Private sessions: in person or on-line worldwide.

It takes commitment and dedication from you. I support and guide you through the 8 transmissions unravelling as we go to design your perfect life.

16 weeks - one session per week. Investment: $2,500.00 USD in full

or 4 monthly payments of $650.00USD

Private sessions for Authorization to Become a Unity Bubble Facilitator (pre-requisite: completion of The Unity Bubble Program)

Level One: Enables you to transmit The Unity Bubble to others. Two sessions (2 hrs each) Investment: $1,500.00 USD

Level Two: Enables you to transmit the Protocols to others. Two sessions (2 hrs each) Investment: $1,000.00 USD (pre-requisite: completion of Level One)

Master Level: Enables you to authorize others for all levels. Two sessions (2 hrs each) Investment: $1,000.00 USD (pre-requisite: completion of Level Two)

Become a Unity Bubble Facilitator in a Group Format: available worldwide on-line. Limited number of participants. Open to everyone - no pre-requisite.

Level One Authorization: Enables you to transmit The Unity Bubble to others. 11 weeks - beginning September 17, 2019, ending December 3, 2019. (No class September 24, 2019) Investment: $3,000.00 USD

(Instalment payments can be arranged)

Extension of 3 sessions for Level Two: Enables you to transmit the Protocols to others - January 2020. Investment: $600.00 USD

Extension of 3 sessions for Master Level: Enables you to authorize others for all levels - TBA. Investment: $800.00 USD

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What is the Unity Bubble and what is the Unity Bubble Program?

The Unity Bubble was born of a deep and profound yearning by the late Jonathan C. R. Davies to end personal suffering on our planet. This sealed, energetic “space” clears and protects from external lower frequency interferences, enables one to gain a deeper soul connection leading one to a fulfilling life of abundance and ease. Indeed to be “in the world but not of it”.

Acknowledged and recognized as an eighth-dimensional being, it was Jonathan’s mission whilst on Earth to bring about an effective yet simple system for personal spiritual advancement and in doing so forward human ascension. Using his essence energy which originates from beyond time and space, The Unity Bubble was designed to transmute any human trait or characteristic out of alignment with the intended unfolding of Consciousness.

A collective of Original Source, Higher Beings, presenting as Unity, assisted the process. The Unity Bubble was spiritually engineered to be in full alignment with Universal Principles, supporting only positive qualities. As out of alignment charges are released, they are dissolved, step by step, layer by layer. Powerful infusions of Divine Qualities of Consciousness provide a profound sense of peace and self-acceptance as well as contentment, vitality, self-knowing, self-trust, self-confidence, respect, heart-centered motivations and the ability to draw appropriate boundaries with self and the world around.

To date, The Unity Bubble has helped over 3,000 individuals to self-actualize and move forward into a harmonious, unfettered life, with strong self-created intentions and without lower vibrational interferences. To be open and willing to receive are the only requirements.

As deeper understanding became desirable, a series of Protocols was developed as tools to systematically assist in releasing even more to the Bubble. They enable a deeper and fuller connection and lead one to a life of ease and grace.


This energy field re-patterns your energetic system. The Bubble and Protocols, are the end result of over 30 years of dedicated spiritual work by its creator, Jonathan Davies.  The process is deep and yet also gentle, and proceeds at exactly the depth and speed that is appropriate for you. Sometimes you will find there are no words to describe what is happening - just an incredible sense of knowing! As the process unfolds these are some of the things you will experience. They are embedded in the Bubble and gradually, layer by layer, come into your awareness. As the process continues… 

…you will gain:

  • an undeniable sense of being in the flow;

  • forgiveness from the deepest Soul level;

  • a deep understanding of unconditional love;

  • an open, conscious, constant connection to whatever Universal energy that is most appropriate;

  • a wonder, calm and ecstasy for a fully functioning human body and energetic system;

  • a deeper sense of love for the heart center and Soul;

  • soul dedication and purpose;

  • proper boundaries - received and extended;

  • a sense of wholeness within your Self;

  • compassion for your Self or another without the need to fix, change or be another way;

  • the ability for your Soul to direct more clearly.

…you will come to know: 

  • the reason you are here;

  • your Soul's decision to experience a human life, at this time.

…you will be able to: 

  • receive love;

  • listen to the inner voice;

  • trust your own intuition;

  • trust the flow of the Universe;

  • be boundless in self-discovery;

  • respect your Self and others.

…you will: 

  • see your own motivations and the motivations of others;

  • be able to see the full impact of behaviour on others and how it affects another;

  • see truth... or non-truth;

  • live the Golden Rule;

  • find that positive manifestation just happens.

…you will feel: 

  • self-love;

  • self-knowing;

  • self-confidence;

  • like a new person!

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