Defining “energy” is is nearly impossible given the simplicity of words. It is the fundamental existence of any conscious being, sometimes referred to as the "life force".  Hazel has spent many years focused on opening a constant connection with her Soul and her higher aspects. She has been committed to this opening for herself and also to assist others during challenging times or times of change. Through her experience, she has layered and combined her human knowledge with her Soul knowledge, creating a very different and powerful healing experience.

Many are drawn to that which is innate within their Soul nature. For most of Hazel's life, she has been drawn to experiences and people that allow her to be in the flow of life force energy. Hazel was trained as a Reiki Master and practiced this type of energy healing for many years. It was through the fundamental teachings of Reiki that Hazel began her journey to open more fully to the abundance of energy that flows within her being.

With Hazel, grounding is more than the simple act of keeping one's energy connected to the Earth. It is the realignment of the flow of energy both within and surrounding the physical body. This work needs to be experienced in a session with Hazel. It is something one feels in the heart centre - the place in the human body where Divine energy lives. Working with Hazel, you will feel her connection to this place and the renewed sense of calm and balance that comes from her work.

Because of her commitment and openness, Hazel has the divine bestowal of many Universal Beings who assist her. They combine their energy with Hazel's to bring the most beneficial healing aspects into the session. When you make an appointment with Hazel, you are also making connections with the most appropriate energies to assist you.

In addition, Hazel has received all Levels of Authorization enabling her to transmit the Unity Bubble, the Protocols as well as the ability to authorize others, from its creator, Jonathan Davies.