See what Hazel's clients have to say...

“Working with Hazel over the last 6 months has been an absolute pleasure, and also a intense personal challenge. Words can not express my gratitude to both Hazel & Jonathan for the wonderful gift of The Unity Bubble and ensuing Protocols. It has helped me to let go of a tragic childhood trauma, and the associated repetitive conscious and subconscious life cycles. I feel so much lighter and brighter, and as a direct result, it is having a profoundly positive impact on those closest to me. Thank you”. James, London, U.K. (August 2019).


“The Unity Bubble has held me in a comforting and sacred space while bringing up any issues to be cleared away. I felt them emerge from my essence quietly, quickly and fiercely. There was no denying what needed to be done. After a couple months of releasing, I feel more free and the layers that weighed me down were lifted and vanished into the light. I am more authentically Me. I feel connected to source energy more than ever before and I feel source's guidance in my life, loud and clear.

I have even overcome my fear of public speaking! I wowed myself and others at my workplace as I gave an incredible presentation with confidence while thoughts and ideas were flowing elegantly from my being and out of my mouth. I was never able to accomplish this task with such grace and inner wisdom flowing effortlessly through me before.

This is the result of my healed inner child who I was finally able to integrate into my essence and who is finally a part of me I have Hazel and the Unity Bubble to thank for this healing that falls nothing short of magical for me”.

- Maria, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2018


“It’s been a blessing to have met Hazel Davies and be introduced to The Unity Bubble. This process has allowed me to cultivate my personal transformation by being acutely aware of my prior programmed belief system, habitual thoughts and patterns. Hazel provides me with the guidance and awareness to choose the positive thoughts that serve me and surrender the negative frequency thoughts to the Unity Bubble. While providing a safe container during one to one and group sessions, it allows me, as well as others, to be vulnerable enough to share their current life experience. Hazel is then able to provide alternative perspectives and insight to the thoughts, beliefs, or patterns I may not see. With this support and using the 8-step system, I am able to continue to cultivate my journey to see my true SELF.

At times while going through this process, it was extremely challenging and unpleasant to see my repetitive old belief system and habits, even thinking I was done with being strangled by my thoughts and the Bubble had taken care of all of my issues or upsets, it was underlying disbelief in the Bubble, in that moment, that would lead me astray. The truth is, that it is repetitive practice and the Bubble is always with me! Once I chose to send that prior programming there again, I felt the immediate positive effects of new rewired neural pathways. The Bubble is always in the background, like a trusted friend. My old self, and its twisted thoughts never go away but they do soften and have limited power over me so I can choose differently, with positivity, from my true SELF.

With Hazel’s support, guidance and effective transmission of the Unity Bubble, I am opening to my most authentic life and know that I am performing optimally. If you are open to doing the WORK, the benefits are miraculous. Thank you Hazel, I am looking forward to our next tune up session.” Greg Urban, Professional Educator: Ontario College of Teachers, Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor, Small Business Owner. (2018)


"Working with Hazel is an amazing experience!  The accompanying images and visions she has relayed to me has helped me to understand what that particular protocol meant to me on different levels and depths.  Sometimes the visions were puzzling at first but as time went on, they began to take on more meaning.  I still enjoy reading them to this day and they help to keep me balanced.  Thank you Hazel; You have an amazing gift!" Sean, Toronto, Ontario


"Hazel sent me a vision after every transmission to the Unity Bubble.  All visions were spot-on.  It gave me a huge perspective of the changes that were implemented in my life.  Every time I read them, it remembers me how beautiful I am.  Thank you so much for sharing your unique gifts Hazel."  Mark Verver, Houten, Netherlands (2015)


"For lack of a better way of putting it, Hazel's visions (post Unity Bubble protocols) are like the proverbial "cherry on top" of an ice-cream Sunday.  Vastly different from the protocol itself and any message that might come through in its transmission, and if you're anything like me, I remember the sensation for some time yet lose context over time... (I just know I feel so much better, more aligned, more of whatever goodness that protocol brought forward).  

Then there's Hazel's vision, always bang on and brilliant, offering a visual/feeling tone image/message one can use as a marker on the journey through all the amazing protocols - and beyond.  For me, they are a kind bit of a spiritual blueprint that I can relate to for a long, long time, as each is a snapshot that was an expression of who I truly am - in transition.  I often go back and re-read them just to recall where I was at that particular place in time, and how much it helped me to understand and get to the next place I needed to go.  

Hazel's visions are a great resource:  all in all, one might way that the ice-cream Sunday is sweet, but the cherry on top might be even sweeter.  Thank you for your wisdom, insight and visions".  

Renata Duma, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2015)


"Hazel's visions are clear, inspiring, and completely on point.  Her ability to interpret your soul's message with such accuracy is astounding.  I highly recommend them!"

 RP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"It helped me bring certain ideas that were sitting in my mind slightly below the conscious, to the fully conscious.  It helps in a sense that unless it is spelled out or corroborated by someone else, it is not being fully acknowledged and acted upon".  

Stan, Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada (2015)


"Hazel's visions felt like an accurate description of my general feeling disposition - while some aspects are not pleasant to feel, having a metaphor to pinpoint where I'm at helps recognize when I'm on track and when I'm not".

Benoit, Belgium (2015)


"Thank you for your visions Hazel.  They have all been relevant to me and have helped me to recognize what is important, perhaps needing a change in attitude, and what is not important".

Heather, Orillia, Ontario, Canada (2015)


"Your vision centred on my life purpose:  a question I had often pondered on.  The vision outlined my purpose in very simple and beautiful terms and summarized it in three words that describe my soul qualities.  

Those words helped me realize that my purpose is to simply allow myself to be those qualities, which are natural to me.  In other words, there's nothing special I need to do in order to fulfill my life's purpose.  

It's sufficient for me to be myself.  That realization came as a big relief.  Thank you Hazel for that precious message".  

Margaret, Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada (2015)

“Hazel. You touched my foot, my knee and the very depth of my soul. I’ve been crying - for every reason and no reason! You express your love for humanity in the most gentle, caring way and I feel a speechless gratitude that only you could understand. I love your energy and the way it flows through you”. Sheila, West Virginia


”Dear Hazel, You are an angel in my life. Thank you so much for your guidance and support over the last winter. I am grateful for your friendship and the wonderful gifts you share so willingly. I trust our paths will cross along the way and we will walk together in peace and joy”. Jennifer, Orangeville, On. 


”Hazel has the touch of an Angel. A treatment with her is like an hour in Heaven”. Beverley, Brampton 


A healing for a friend’s horse... June 7, 2006 
Dear Hazel, 
I just want to write and say thank you for the wonderful Reiki sessions you did with Cezanne on the weekend. I think actually we were all (Cezanne included) staggered by her wonderful reaction on Sunday. 

Although it seemed to take her a little while in the Saturday session to get into things and really relax it was so evident when she did. The ears went into listen position, she started chewing and then the relaxation was obvious with the lower back lip hanging down, the eyes open but very soft and calm. I could tell the energy was pouring into the hind leg up in the loin/ hip area and you stayed there a long time. She was equally clear when she felt she had had enough and that the session was over for that day. 

I think the Sunday session was the really amazing one for all of us. As soon as she walked into her stall she was totally focused on you. I liked the way she leaned her nose against the wall to help support her head. 

She began lovely deep slow breathing which I could clearly see in her nostrils. And she hardly moved a muscle for a long time. Just stood is listened to you in relaxed mode and let is all happen. 

Then the slight shaking of her head (we both thought of a fly at first) then she blew something out and then reached down and rubbed her nose on her foreleg. 

I noticed she had been standing square all this time—not resting the left hind leg as she has been doing a lot lately. Then she seemed to do a test. In quick succession she rested the right hind, then the left and then raised the near fore…almost like in a piaffe. 

And soon after that came the incredible stretch of her left hind leg. It was as if it grew in height about 12 inches...and she stretched out a kink and all the tension was released. 

I gave her one more gram of bute Sunday night (O me of little faith) but she has had none since then. She has looked quite comfortable all three of my early morning rides this week in the arena. For the past 10 weeks I have taken to putting her on the longe for a few circles before we start any real work so I know how gimpy she is. 

I will keep you posted. 
With love, 
Micaela and Cezanne 


”For the first time, life is now taking on profound depth, surpassing anything I could have ever imagined or dreamed up”. 
With love, Christine 


“I would like to thank you for the gift that you allowed in my life. It has been six months ago that I have had the Bubble. I started to notice changes after three weeks and I mean profound changes. In six weeks there was even a greater change in my life. My teenage daughter who has always fought with me and has made it clear that she doesn’t care to have me as a mother, has become the most loving child a mother could ever want. 

For the past 4 years I have been going through major changes in my life. Deep emotional changes that I thought had no way of healing. Things that used to hurt me and cause me pain are now just a passing moment. I found that the impossible is now the possible. I am a more balanced person. When I am around people, I find it amazing how much they want to be with me and this includes the people in my life and relationships which I thought would never be able to work out. I still have my moments but, it doesn’t last. I just want to say it was the best gift that someone could have given to me. 

Thank you again Jonathan and Hazel. Everything is possible when we find our way”. 
Leela, Florida, USA 


”... everything started to become a lot clearer. Before I was often agitated and worried about things. Afterwards, everything just seemed to flow - I have a calmness now which wasn’t just apparent to me but to others also. Things don’t bother me the way they did. Not long after receiving my Bubble, I had to go into hospital for surgery. My recovery time was incredible. I was prescribed pain killers that I never even took. I truly honestly believe that my Bubble had something to do this this. I will cherish it always”. Tracy, Australia ”

“A client who received The Flow said this...
The Flow is part of the Unity Bubble Program

... As things are coming up, as life does, I can tell I am able to release and let go of the feelings that are not serving me much faster. Some things come back a bit, but again, I can let them go quickly so they aren’t disrupting huge chunks of my day. Like I subconsciously acknowledge the feeling and yeah I am done with that right now.

Also I have had a couple uh huh moments...... as well some words various people, including you have said. I am like ah, I get that now. Or I am ready to hear that and move on. Jennifer, Ontario September 2015


”When I receive a Reiki treatment from Hazel, I experience the effects during, and well after the treatment - on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Because she is a clear and humble channel, she is able to sense any “tension” in my body, and make a connection to obstacles that I experience in my mind, thus enabling me to clear anything that is blocking me. I would not trust anyone else’s hands on me”. Sheheen, Mississauga


”Hazel’s touch brings peace and release into a fantastic place called ‘total relaxation from the inside out’. I felt totally and utterly released of any worry, negative thought or anything that blocked the natural flow of energy while Hazel was doing her Reiki. 

The raindrop therapy was like soft flower petals being dropped one at a time on my spine. What a sensation for relaxing every single cell within. My whole body felt refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. 

Hazel has a gift of healing hands, intuition to know what it is your body needs and a ‘knowing’ on where to place her hands on those areas of need. Her gentle way of easing me into a state of total acceptance of what was happening helped me relax and enjoy the process of someone else bringing me the gift of peace and a state of well being throughout my whole body. 

I highly recommend Hazel for any energy work that you are thinking of exploring.” 

Donna Williamson 


Dear Hazel... you were born to be a powerful healer. I, reluctantly as we know, was reborn to meet you along my path, clothed at the time in a grey aura, on my 60th birthday. Thank you for my beautiful black panther who is my guardian and expresses for me all the pent up anger, for the brilliant light and energy that surrounds my head and takes me to the brink of ecstasy, for the “others” who join the sessions, the comforting hand I feel on my shoulder (you say is not yours) and most of all the intense feeling of motherly love you swathe me in as you stand at my side”. Love, Micaela, Duncan, BC. 


“Unity Bubble” 

”I met Hazel and Jonathan 2 or 3 years ago in North Bay. They helped me understand and deal with my personal issues. Some issues that I have dealt with for many years finally made me realize and made me feel that it was time to let them go. The work they have done for me is unbelievable, it is hard to explain, one has to experience it to understand what I mean. I believe they both work from the heart and they show they care for those they help. I also believe that the Creator puts people in your path when you are ready to receive the help you need and I believe He put Hazel and Jonathan at the time when I was in need of someone who can understand me. 

Not only was I going through personal issues, I was also going through things spiritually, which I could not comprehend. They both understood what I was experiencing. I was grateful that I finally found someone who could explain and tell me about my experiences. Since I met them, I feel more confident about myself and see life in a positive perspective. 

I have seen Hazel and Jonathan help others transform their lives with remarkable results. It is amazing in what they can do. Like I said, you have to experience it in order to understand what I mean and I cannot explain in words with what they can do”. (2008) 
Patricia Menarick, 
Mental Health Program Planning, 
Programming and Research Officer 
For Residential Schools for the Cree Health Board 


”.....I don’t pretend that I see, hear, or feel the presence of the Bubble. In fact, I’m quite unaware of it. What I do know, is that the density surrounding specific issues and in my immediate environment have changed and continue to change, as I change. As a result things have come and gone from my life replaced with better things, people and circumstances. I’m healthier, happier and my pets and plants are healthier, too. The bubble provided the space and opportunity to work through those changes safely and with greater ease than without. I have greater self-awareness, of who I am, which is to say who I am not. I am living an unbounded life, presented with many new possibilities. Jonathan and Hazel have offered a unique gift equivalent to a vision quest and the greater gift of going through it in the comfort of my own surroundings”. 
CC, Creemore