My life is just fine - why would I need a Unity Bubble?

If you've ever had the thought/feeling that there must be "more" to life then the Bubble will guide you to discovering that "more"... gentle promptings from the larger aspect of yourself.

I have a strict religious practice - do I have to give it up if I do the Unity Bubble?

Absolutely not.  You have every right to follow whatever religion, path or philosophy you wish - or none at all.  The Bubble is about self-realization which, after all, is the kernel of all true seeking.  Whatever your preferred practice is, the Bubble will make it more meaningful as you journey towards being the best that you can be in every moment, without struggle.  If you have a sustained meditation practice, then the Unity Bubble will be of particular assistance.  You have acclimatized to the inner life.  It will become deeper with greater clarity of focus and perception.

Is the Unity Bubble dangerous in any way?

No, the Bubble is neither dangerous nor harmful in any way.  It is designed as a purely positive space to enhance spiritual development.  Indeed because of its origins and intent it is an especially clean and safe space free from external turbulence.

If I don't like my Unity Bubble, can I remove it?

It's not really a question of removing it, because the Bubble process reveals knowledge and increasing awareness to its recipients.  How then can that awareness and knowledge be removed?  Once you know something, how can you then choose to un-know?

I don't feel my Unity Bubble - how can I be sure I still have it?

Many people don't feel their Bubble.  It is still present.  There are other ways to be aware.  One can know without knowing how one does.  It depends on your current and past experience and if you are familiar to feeling into your subtle bodies.  The more you practice being still and listening to your inner voice, the more sensitive you will become.  You can be assured that as long as you were open to receiving it (which you were!) you do have your Bubble.

Can you tell me Who Is Unity?

This is what Unity told us:  "We speak as One.  We are a collective of Conscious Beings brought together to focus our attention on the condition of humanity and the evolutionary unfolding of Consciousness.  We span all levels.  We are inclusive.  Our purpose in coming together is to find a simple solution to negativity and misalignment, and to assist in the development of a process that would end imposed suffering, starting at the human level.  This Creation is for the good of all who wish to partake of it.  We are Unity".

How do "therapies" such as EFT or the Healing Codes fit in?

Most of these techniques work.  Do you prefer Mozart or the Beatles? We all have favourite composers we resonate with - "our songs" so to speak.  It's the same thing. One method will be perfect for you and other methods you cannot understand.  There are so many out there it would be impossible for me to comment upon this or that.  Ultimately we all tend to put our own spin on life and experiences.  These are much the same way, having been developed as a result of the lead dog's wisdom and wish to serve.  The efficiency depends on how much work a person has done on themselves and will face limitations in undiscovered areas.  All things are created spiritually first.  Change in the world occurs more slowly because matter reacts more slowly than spirit. They all have light or there would be limited attraction.  Each one will attract those with something to uncover, discover and let go.  Each discipline is a toolbox for self discovery.  One eventually becomes one's own toolbox.  This is mastery.

Do we have our own personal 'spirit guides' etc?

Yes, everyone has spirit guides of some sort.  The angels will be from the dimension of origin.  Natural humans may have one or several depending on advancement of the individual in question.  Those who are more advanced will have fewer.  Newer people will have many.  There are also helpers from the fourth dimension who have proved themselves.  They will be particular to the person they serve and may change from time to time dependent on experiences of lessons the individual is exploring.

I have suffered from addictions to substances for many years and cannot seem to "break free".  Can this provide a cure and a freedom?

No, the Unity Bubble is not a 'magic pill' which delivers the result of consciousness to those who have not done some honest work in looking at themselves and clearing some of their 'wreckage of the past'. The Unity Bubble however, works powerfully in partnership with many 12 Step programs of recovery, when added to an established foundation and period of sobriety from the substance of choice.  The Unity Bubble is not a way of avoiding the work we all must do in order to have the capacity to honestly know ourselves.

When meditating/praying is there a recommended 'being' that we should direct our prayers to?

The important thing is to continue to pray and meditate.  They are both about entering the realm of BEING as opposed to DOING.  All prayer is heard, but you need to address it to someone, like a letter or phone call.  Who do you wish to address?  Who do you wish to speak to?  Your prayers are heard but what is the purpose of the prayer?  Would you like to have a discussion with someone "up there" or do you just want to download your troubles?  Would you want to listen to someone complain constantly and then say to you...  gimme this, gimme that... without being thanked or considered important?

Genuine GRATITUDE is infectious and the quickest way to the vibration of heaven.  Get truly grateful BEFORE you enter into prayer and meditation.  The results will be of a much higher quality!  You are free to talk to anyone in the Universe.  You can call on Heavenly Father, Jesus, Your High Self or your Soul.  Or you can explore your own nature by meditating on it.  Why are you praying?  It should be mindful and it's best if you expect an answer - otherwise why bother?  Wait for some kind of communication.  This can come in word form, impressions or fully formed thoughts.  Often information is sent by gift wrapped packages whole and complete - the a-ha response.

Be positive and expect results. Speak as you would to your best friend.  Forget about hiding stuff from them!  They know and love you completely.  What good would it do you or anybody else to arrive here as an absolutely perfect being?  What would be the fun in that?

What do you think of the popular "Law of Attraction" theory?

The Law of Attraction is just that - a Law.  It is how things work.  It concerns resonance.  Like attracts like in the spiritual.  In the world, opposites attract.  It is vibrational and although intellect can determine what is focused upon or steered towards feeling and emotion control the application.  This is why unresolved issues interfere with manifesting and why it often appears as a theory instead of reality.  Whatever the actual vibrational situation is with a person is what continues to show up daily.  If a being has a major unrealized fear surrounding something then more fear will be attracted.

To face, understand and determine a more advantageous outcome is to dispel the fear and replace it with life-giving properties.  One must feel correctly about something before any change in a particular direction appears to work.  This is what is done in pattern work.

How can you help me with manifestation?

Language is powerful - speech or thought has the same effect.

  • Words to avoid and what to replace them with:

    • ll try to" is an unfinished statement. Better to say, "I’ll do my best." That’s an active statement.

    • "I want". Always in the future. The Universe hears, she/he wants to want it. Replace with "I like" or "I enjoy" or "I’m working towards." “I like” is best. Present tense.

    • "Problem". Change to "Challenge".

  • Put things in the positive:

    • "I don’t want". "I don’t like". "Not". "Never". "Should". "Could".

    • Examples: “You don’t want to miss this.”. Change to “You’ll like to see/hear this!”

    • “Don’t forget”. Change to “Please Remember.”

    • "How hard could it be?" That’s a good one!!! "Would you REALLY like to know how hard it could be?????"

Putting things in the positive is more than  airy-fairy niceness! Your words have power.

  • The Universe is a YES MACHINE.  It will respond to your requests:

    • If you say, "I don’t want……" for example, an abusive relationship, or something as simple as apple pie, the Universe hears, “Mary or John would like to have apple pie or an abusive relationship."

    • It follows orders and responds by delivering it to you.

    • If, on the other hand, you say, "I enjoy/like a mutually respectful relationship or a dish of strawberries." it will comply and the outcome will be more of what you intended.

    • I’ll never, guarantees you will.

    • Feelings and emotions are different. Emotions are a body/intellect response. Feelings are deeper. The soul knows.

    • The gut always tells you the truth. Feel what it’s telling you. Yes or No?

  • On illness:

    • “My” illness/condition says that you’ve accepted it as yours. You own it. Change that to: I am vital. I am healthy. If you feel uncomfortable with that, maybe "I am becoming healthier and more vibrant every day."

  • Manifestation:

    • Speak in the present tense when attempting to manifest something in your life: "I see …………… in my life." "I like ……………….. in my life."